So, what happens in a pool meeting?

As a new pooler, your first monthly meeting will include introductions, plus a mastermind session or the discussion of a topic that is pressing for a member of your pools.
Pando Team

It can be overwhelming to join a meeting where you don’t know what is being discussed.

As a new pooler, your first monthly meeting will probably involve some introductions and chit-chat, but as time passes you’ll notice that conversations in your meetings will become more fluid and feel more natural. Asking for help from your pool mates will feel normal and even encouraged.

Your pool should have past meeting notes and you can always ask to be caught up on current conversations within your pool.

A pool meeting typically involves conversations about:

  • Where you can help each other.
  • People might have “asks” or favors they need from someone willing to help. This can also be a broader conversation about what you need at work or what you need to help your company grow.
  • New candidates that will or have been introduced to the pool and member’s thoughts about them as potential pool mates.
  • Areas of struggle, where you might be having issues, and where you or others can provide help/advice.

Coming to your first pool meeting energized and alert will help boost your own personal involvement. It is okay to take a meeting or two to warm up to the group, but remind yourself that the pool is there to be your community and help with the ups and downs of careers/entrepreneurship.

Key Takeaways:

  • Look through any available past notes from meetings.
  • Come to your first meeting with enthusiasm.
  • Reach out to your pool if you have any questions.