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Pursuing the career of your dreams is hard. Pooling makes it easier.
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Why pool?

humans are better together.

Think of a pool like your personal board of advisors. Ones who actually have skin in the game.

In a pool, members come together and commit a small portion of their income to a shared pool. The funds then get divided up equally each year -- so when each of you wins, all of you win.
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Here's what our clients are saying.

I’ve leaned into my dreams and embraced risk, and now I’m thrilled to have a community at Pando that helps both mitigate those risks and celebrate those who are willing to take them.
Astrid Emmerich
Pool Member
Founder, i2020 FinTech and Vee Digital
Pando has allowed me to mitigate the financial risk of [a baseball career]. I have now given myself the freedom to attack my career with little fear of failure.
Drew Rasmussen
Major League Baseball Player
Tampa Bay Rays
I have an amazing group around me. I am confident someone in my pool will succeed, and I’m glad I get the chance to share in what they create.  I couldn’t be happier with my pool.
Matt Hollingsworth
Pool Member
Founder & CEO, Carta Healthcare
"In a very uncertain world, it is far better to bet on people and their continued ingenuity and resilience than it is to bet on a single company."
Sam Lessin
Partner at Slow Ventures and Co-Founder of Fin


Your Pando advisor will facilitate introductions, but who you join or start a pool with is entirely up to you.
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Don't take our word for it.


It’s a winner-takes-all economy. More and more labor markets act as lotteries, where a couple of “superstar” workers make extremely outsized returns relative to their peers — who may well have started from the exact same starting line.
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People have health insurance in case they get sick, car insurance in case they get in an accident, home insurance in case of a fire, flood insurance in case of water damage, life insurance in case of death, travel insurance for when they’re abroad, and pet insurance for their dog.
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To have more chances at winning the baseball lottery, some players are deciding to get together and face the odds as a group. They are joining "income pools," which could change the way baseball players, and lots of professionals, think about how we get paid.
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Pooling Career Risk with Charlie Olson, co-FOUNDER of PANDO

Pando is an innovative new income pooling solution that allows people in high volatility careers to pool their career risk. Since inception, Pando has signed hundreds of professional athletes into income pools and has raised a Series A from top Fintech investors.
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Pooling Upside in Baseball and Business with Pando

Pando’s platform allows pro baseball players and more recently business school graduates to pool future earnings potential in ways that smooth income volatility for the group. In theory, this type of approach could help society better allocate talent against opportunities.
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Most Minor Leaguers Won't Reach MLB, So Why Not Share the Risk?

This model has been sustained because it has made the very best players very rich. But what happens to the players who never receive a big payday? Now there is a way for them to shed some of the risk they assume during the years before they reach the big leagues—if they reach the big leagues.
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Share the highs and lows of your career with people who actually understand what you're going through.

share the wins.

treat your income the same way you treat your investments – and increase your odds of financial success.

since 2017, we've Helped over 400 professional baseball players join pando pools.

Baseball is our home base, and we are committed to helping baseball players own their odds.
How to pool.
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