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Pando is a ready-made support network strengthened by the aligned incentives of Pooling. Membership broadens individual reach and connections, maximizes the potential for serendipity, and makes members better, together.

We work with hundreds of founders, and the proof is in their success.

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Community + Aligned Incentives = Gold

Alice Crisci
Co-Founder and CEO at Ovum Health
CEO at MedAnswers

Bringing accountability & support

I've never been in an entrepreneurial community that brought this level of accountability and support to the table. My pool members don't just say they have my back. They back it up with action: Introductions to investors, partners, new teammates; strategic ideas, advice and relentless cheerleading when needed. When one of us wins, we all win.

Brian Lawrence
CEO at SilkTech Biopharmaceuticals

A greater sense of security

Being a part of the Pando community has given me a sense of fellow founder support who are also invested in my professional success, in which that combination is difficult if not nearly impossible to find somewhere else.

Having a pool of like minded founders to bounce ideas off of and interact with on a regular basis allows me to feel a greater sense of security during the difficult times of the entrepreneurial journey.

During my time at Pando I have cultivated numerous relationships across pools that have had a positive impact on both my personal and professional life.

Malcolm Bohm
Strategy Advisor at GeneType
Board Member at Femmistry

In Pando, everyone wins

Unlike any other forum for founders and senior execs, Pando is a community in which we are all mutually invested in everyone’s success.

The help and connections I have made to help propel my companies forward is second to none. In Pando everyone wins!

Luka Trikic
Co-Founder at Connect the Dots

Every founder needs a community like this

Knowledge-sharing and support that I get is why I love Pando. Every founder needs a community like this!

Varun Av
Co-Founder and CTO at Inito

Building unique community

Pando has helped me connect with other founders in the healthcare and AI startup ecosystem, share our experience and learn from each other. As the CTO of Inito, I often lean on my fellow poolers to seek feedback, make connections and discuss strategies. The Pando team has done an awesome job in building this unique community.

Hanmei Wu
Co-Founder of Empowerly

A ready-made way to grow my network

By joining a pool, [I’m] joining an amazing community of founders, and investing in their (and my) future success. Pando is a ready-made way for me to grow my network of mentors.

Saumitra Thakur
Healthcare Venture Capitalist

Curating community

I said yes to Pando [because] I’m deeply drawn to the idea of curating a community of people who are smart and talented and mutually invested in each other’s success. This is precisely what Pando does.

Marty Espe

Working to change the world

Pooling has helped make the uniquely entrepreneurial experience less lonely, and it has surrounded me with others who are challenging the status quo, solving problems, and working to change the world.

Andy Kohm
Co-Founder and CEO at VMCentric

Driving mutual success

Joining Pando's pool has significantly accelerated my startup's growth. The community's expertise in sales strategy, product roadmapping, and general startup challenges, paired with a commitment to support through valuable introductions, has been indispensable.

Pando fosters a unique collaborative spirit where everyone's success benefits the group, enhancing our collective ambition. I'm grateful for the profound connections and insights gained, which continue to drive our mutual success. This model of shared growth and support is truly inspiring and impactful

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