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"I’d recommend every player consider joining a pool. It just makes sense.”

— Dan Duquette, Former GM for the Baltimore Orioles & Pando Advisor


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Throughout the last forty years, I’ve seen some of the most promising careers derailed due to circumstances outside the control of the player. And while there’s no 'silver bullet' to address every uncertainty, Pando offers players a great option to mitigate some of those risks. I’d recommend every player consider joining a pool. It just makes sense.
Dan Duquette
Former GM for the Baltimore Orioles & Pando Advisor
Pando has allowed me to mitigate the financial risk of minor league baseball by linking my career with the careers of others. By spreading the risk of not having a big league career, I have now given myself the freedom to attack my career with little fear of failure.
Drew Rasmussen
Major League Baseball Player
Tampa Bay Rays
As a 2008 draft pick, if Pando had existed early on in my career I would have joined a pool with a group of guys I both believed in and admired for their abilities.
Chase d'Arnaud
Former Member of the San Francisco Giants
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