How do you encourage more engagement from your pool mates?

If you're not getting as much communication or connection from your pool mates as you'd like, this is the post for you.
Pando Team

Are you feeling like you want more from your pool mates?

Try expressing what you want (and also asking what they want) from your pool mates during your monthly meeting.

Vocal communication is typically the best way to deliver this type of feedback. You can also message your pool over email or your pool’s preferred communication platform.

Feel out what your pool mates’ expectations are and express yours, through communication your pool can find where they can meet in the middle.

If you find that your pool is not responsive, reach out to Pando’s customer success team ( and we can initiate the conversation with your pool. It is best if you and your pool initiate on your own, but we understand sometimes it is hard to find collective time to work together outside of monthly meetings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Express what you want out of your pool experiences.
  • Listen to what your fellow pool mates want.
  • Reach out to Pando’s customer success team ( and we can also help