How do you refer someone to your pool?

You make the referral, we take care of the rest.
Pando Team

Have a friend from business school that you’re dying to pool with? A mentor that has always inspired you? A new founder friend from your accelerator?

Here is how to introduce them to pooling without having to do a sales pitch yourself.

We have found that some of the best additions to pools are people already in your network. If you know someone you’d like to be a part of your pool, is interested in pooling, or you just want us to nudge them a little into the income pooling space -- refer them to us and we can handle the rest.

This referral process is very simple.

Email us at: with the subject line “Pool Referral”, or fill out this referral form.

Please include:

  • The referral’s first and last name
  • Their email address
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Phone Number (if we can call or text them)

The referral process is very simple for you as a pooler. We all are in the game of making life better together, so don’t be shy.

Key takeaways:

Pando understands the reality of being a ball player, covers the risk you take on when you chase the big leagues, sets you up with great guys you’ll know the rest of your life, and puts you on the right path for whatever career you end up choosing.
Marty Costes