How do you decide how to communicate as a pool?

Designating a go-to place to communicate will help build momentum for the pool between meetings.
Pando Team

When thinking about communication, consider platform (Slack, messages, WhatsApp?), frequency (weekly, monthly?), and note-taking (in Google Drive, Notion, elsewhere?).

Designating a place to communicate will help keep conversations organized and hold the pool accountable. Members might branch off and text each other, but having a destination to have whole group conversations is great for more significant interactions like meeting topics, announcements, and celebrations.

Your pool will have a Slack group on our Treehouse platform which we recommend you use as your go-to group conversation starter, but you can also use tools like WhatsApp, Signal or an old-fashioned text thread.

Consider if you want to assign meeting note-takers for your pool meetings. Recording the topics discussed, action items, and highlights from the meeting will help those who couldn’t attend or who want to refer back to notes later on.

Don’t feel forced to make outside communication too structured, but make sure to have some ideas or best practices put in place to help keep your pool updated on new funding, content series launches, any help you might need, referrals, and anything that might need to be thrown in our #CelebrationStation so Pando can also be a part of your businesses’ wins.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Take into consideration where, how often, and notes when you think about pool communication.
  • Other than Treehouse, where else might your pool want to communicate
  • Explore other places in Pando where you can communicate as a group like #CelebrationStation.