How do you craft the mission of the pool?

So you’ve made the commitment and you’re ready to grow your pool, what comes next? Find your mission.
Pando Team

So you’ve made the commitment and you’re ready to grow your pool. what comes next?

As a group of pool co-founders, you’ll define and form the mission, or shared goals, of your pool. This mission statement may look a little different than your startup’s mission statement.

Take the healthcare pool's mission statement, for example:

This pool defines itself as a community of talented founders, investors, physicians, and leaders in health and wellness. Their goals for their pool are to discuss fundraising, navigating the healthcare ecosystem, building and scaling a team, managing a board, and negotiating deals. These are just a handful of the topics covered in pool meetings and mastermind sessions.

Their mission statement is also where the personal preferences of forming a pool come into play. The healthcare pool wants its poolers to be passionate about their work in the healthcare industry. Character traits can also be important things to look for during the interview process.

Your mission statement will be like a guidebook for Pando and your pool to find new members.

Once you agree on this guiding document, you can write it down and add it to your pool profile. 

Think of your mission statements as your common interests and goals. It can be formed around a specific definition, like the Seed Founders pool, or something broader like a FemTech Pool. Our Seed Founders pool was formed around founders who had recently raised a Seed for their company. The FemTech pool is more broad, wanting leading women in FemTech that range from healthcare workers to CEOs.

Key takeaways:

  • Your mission statement involves the shared goals of your pool.
  • Your mission statement is important because it plays a big role in recruiting new members for your pool.
  • Once you have your mission statement, make sure to include it in your pool profile.