Who should you add to your pool?

Building out your pool will take time, so remain patient with the process.
Pando Team

Building out your pool will take time, so remain patient with the process.

Before you add new people though, chat with your pool co-founders about the type of person you want to be added.

A critical point of reference to guide this conversation will be your pool’s mission statement. It’s important to make sure candidates align with your existing goals as a pool before meeting with them.

There are questions that you should consider as a pool in addition to your mission statement. To name a few:

  • What industry do they work in?
  • What is their company stage or entrepreneurship stage?
  • Do you want early-stage founders or those with more developed career paths?
  • What traits are most important to your pool that they have?
  • Is their job history important?
  • Are there companies a pooler worked at that you want to avoid? Embrace?

Take these questions to your fellow pool founders and start a conversation.

It might also be helpful to rank the questions by the level of importance. Some founders may value job history over the current company stage while others may prioritize the founder’s tenure in the industry.

When considering the preferred traits of your poolers, there are many different things you can consider.

These traits can range from personality to how they approach their work. Do they come across as driven? Have they shown persistence? Do they have a growth mindset? What is their personal definition of community?

Pando will be here to advise and help your pool find their all-star cohort, but overall -- you’ll come to find that together you will know what is best for your pool’s future.

Being aware of the qualities you want in a pool mate helps with the vetting process.

If you are having trouble, shoot us an email at: pool_admin@pandopooling.com and we can provide tips or even connect you with another pool founder.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use your mission statement as a guide when finding new members.
  • Have a conversation with your fellow founders about what you want in a new member.
  • Don't just consider professional qualities, find what personality traits matter to you.