"With Pando, I can literally invest myself in seeing my community succeed."

Tevon Strand-Brown, Community Pool Founding Member
Annual Hurdle
Contribution Percent
Pool Term
15 years
Current Pool Size
4 members
Maximum Pool Capacity
8 members

The Seed Founders pool is a community of talented founders who have raised at least a Seed round. The funds raised in this pool range from $2-20M.

Joining this pool at an early stage means you will have a profound impact on the pool's culture. You and the founding members will decide the ideal profiles of members to round out this pool.

Get to know who else is in the pool

We know you're eager to learn who's in this pool. To respect our clients' privacy and busy schedules, the first step is to speak with a Pando advisor, who will set you up with a one-on-one conversation with someone in the pool.

How to pool.
We make it easy to try out a pool Risk-FREE before you commit.


The first step to pooling is to connect with a Pando advisor.


We'll help you find your pool and join for a trial period to get to know the other pool members.


When you're confident that you've found your fit, all you have to do is sign to make it official. We take care of the rest.

Say three people join a pool with a $500k hurdle and a 2% contribution. In a given year,

morgan makes $650k

He’s $150k above the hurdle, so he puts in 2% of $150k, or $3k

eric makes $150k

He's below $500k, so he doesn't contribute to the pool

ariella makes $100M in an IPO

She's $99.5M above the hurdle, so she puts in just under $2M

Because they pooled:

morgan now has $1.3M

eric now has $800k

Ariella now has $98.6M

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