Don't take our word for it.

Saumitra Thakur,

VC, Physician & Entrepreneur 

Healthcare Pool 

Hanmei Wu

CEO & Co-Founder, Empowerly

Entrepreneurship Pool

Eric Chapman

Computer Scientist & MBA

Entrepreneurship Pool

Marty Costes,

Professional Baseball Player

Corpus Christie Hooks

Tevon Strand-Brown,

Co-Founder, OXO

Entrepreneurship Pool

Tyler Tolbert,

Professional Baseball Player

Kansas City Royals

My biggest concern was that I’d dive into a pool, only to find that some people were freeloading —  but I learned that Pando's contract was built to prevent people from freeloading.

And if I want to continue putting myself out there, and to surround myself with other MBAs and entrepreneurs who have the same mindset, Pando is one of the best ways around to do that.

Brian Waterhouse,

Founder & MBA Candidate


Logan Brown,

Professional Baseball Player

Atlanta Braves