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You’ve chosen a career in entrepreneurship —  so you’re not afraid of high-risk, high-reward moves. But just because you’re up for the challenge doesn’t mean you have to go at it alone.

Think of pooling as an equity swap without the headache, plus a community of peers who are fully committed to helping you succeed.

How is this different than an equity swap?

Pando pools and equity swaps share a similar goal to give founders and early-stage employees the opportunity to diversify risk and share in their future success. But the administrative headache and cost of equity swaps is real — from legal fees, to agreeing on a fair valuation of early-stage equity, to finding room on the cap table. Not to mention that many equity swap agreements aren’t enforceable when it’s time to pay up. 

A Pando pool is different. When you join, you have the assurance that our team has worked through all the legal pieces for you and is here to help for the lifetime of your pool. Our pooling agreement was created by top attorneys to protect you and everyone else in the pool. Plus, at Pando we only touch liquid income. That means no one ever owes anything to the pool until they can afford to contribute.