Data Science Intern

/pandō/ noun: a grove of aspen trees with a single underground root system


An individual aspen tree is vulnerable. It sways in the wind and draws nutrients only from its own roots. When aspens grow in colonies, however, their roots fuse, and form one massive living organism. The grove is resilient and better together. Human beings are no different than aspens. At our best, we rely on each other for financial and social support and help those who are vulnerable. 


The nature of work is changing, and we face a new challenge. Career volatility is increasing broadly, exposing many to unpredictable earnings and an uncertain financial future. Our existing community-based support networks are not designed to protect us from this risk. When it comes to our careers, we stand alone – but we don’t have to. 


Introducing income pooling. Simply, an income pool is a pando for your career earnings. Individuals choose a group and form a pool, or pando. Each person pledges a small portion of their future earnings, above a hurdle, to the pando, and any money is distributed equally among the members. Everyone joins before knowing how their career will play out, and the alignment of economic interests encourages cooperation. Those who make less benefit most, and those who make most benefit the entire group. Through income pooling – through Pando – we build a future where we’re better together.


Founded in 2017 out of Stanford, Pando has raised ~$12M from top fintech VCs. Our clients represent a star-studded cross section of the economy and include professional baseball players, entrepreneurs, and business school graduates. We are a mission-oriented team of smart, driven and humble individuals. If you feel like you would thrive in this type of inclusive, fast-paced environment, we’d love to talk to you!


Job Overview:

We are seeking to hire a Data Science intern for this upcoming summer. This individual will work alongside Pando’s co-founders and data science team to enhance the Baseball team’s proprietary algorithm, utilizing hundreds of variables to predict individual players’ future earnings distributions. They will also help the Business team streamline their sales process by identifying candidates with a high likelihood of joining a pool.


Role / Responsibilities:

  • Research, build, and validate proprietary player valuation machine learning models

  • Collect, clean, and integrate MLB salary data and player statistics / identifiers

  • Visualize your results in concise, readable formats for display in online dashboards and for sharing with the sales staff and other Pando team members

  • Ad hoc research and analysis in support of the data science and sales teams

  • Collaborate with and incorporate feedback from the Pando team


Experience / Skills:

  • Prior experience with statistical modeling and machine learning

  • Advanced computational skills

  • Experience programming in R and a familiarity with the tidyverse packages


This is a paid position and is currently expected to be a remote internship. However, while we are currently remote, we hope to return to our office in San Francisco once we can safely do so.


We believe that the world is a better place when people come together to protect and empower each other, and that diverse communities are particularly strong. We have built our organization on these principles and are looking for those who want to affect change with us.

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