Pando for Founders


Founders work with Pando for several reasons



Pooling provides a way to share upside with your peers without the need for available capital today. Join with your fellow Angels to use the power of community and your network to share in each other's upside — without a cash investment.

Power of Community

Surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed is great. Surrounding yourself with those who are incentivized to help you succeed can be transformative. These relationships are indispensable when growing new ventures, helping fill in specific knowledge gaps, and allowing you to make strides despite navigating the unfamiliar. 

Personal Diversification

By choosing the entrepreneurial path, you currently have all of your eggs in one basket. In comparison, we’ve never seen a VC firm invest an entire fund in a single company. Pando gives you the opportunity to diversify the way VC’s do. 



Pando has a platform filled with impressive founders. Joining the platform is free, there is no obligation to pool, and it provides a unique opportunity to explore a curated network of highly talented individuals. Join today and we’ll algorithmically match you with people you might never  have met otherwise. 



Tevon Stand-Brown

"As a founder, your community is one of the most important supports you have—with Pando, I can literally invest myself in seeing my community succeed. While we've all helped each other out before, having a Pando Pool was the organizing principle that helps us consistently go the extra mile—increasing the chance of all of our success."

— Cofounder and Head of Engineering at OXO

Hanmei Wu

"Pando is one of the most innovative ideas I've heard in a while: getting individuals with similar expected earnings to pool a fraction of their future income.  I joined Pando to enhance the power of my network and get the opportunity to share in the upside if anyone creates the next unicorn. The Pando team is also fantastic and makes you feel taken care of. I'm humbled to be part of this community and have loved making new friends with smart, ambitious peers."

— Founder and CEO of Empowerly

Amadeus Orleans

“I’m a fan of all things Pando: the principle behind the company, the team and the financial innovation they are pushing forward. But the major selling point for me was the opportunity to form a pool with great friends who are also some of the most capable and ambitious people I know. The feelings of belonging, long-term alignment and mutual trust are awesome.”

— Founder and CEO of Dub: Live Audio





We’ve got a robust group of founders on the Pando platform. On a weekly basis, we send networking matches to our members, and if there's mutual interest, we connect both parties.


Join the platform and start growing your founder community and network.