Better Together



With the assistance of our proprietary algorithm and our experienced team, choose the players you join a pool with, your contribution threshold, and the percentage of your salary you contribute.


Once you pass the threshold, you will then contribute the agreed upon percentage of your income. Pando helps administer and enforce the agreement.


All contributions are distributed amongst the pool members, after Pando takes its fee.


Redefine success with unity

Football is a sport that is designed to thrive off unity. Pando helps players work together to redefine what it means to have a successful football career.

An Athlete is an Entrepeneur

Players start out at levels reflecting their expected football career earnings. However, there are many factors outside of an athlete's control that determines financial success. Pooling is a way for athletes to diversify their business. 

Personalized pool recommendations

For each athlete who joins Pando, we offer personalized pool recommendations using our proprietary algorithm. 


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