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What is a Pool? How do I sign up?

A pool is a community formed with the common goal of supporting each other and building a stronger future. In a pool, each individual contractually pledges a small portion of future earnings — above a hurdle — to the shared pool. Pool contributions are generally distributed evenly. Pool with those you believe in. When one of you succeeds, everyone succeeds.

How does pooling work?

Check out our pooling example to learn more about the specifics of pooling.

How are pools created?

These are four steps associated with building your pool:

  1. Speak to an advisor
  2. Join the platform
  3. Find your pool
  4. Pool finalization
To learn more about each of these steps check out our pooling process page.

What is the platform? How do I join?

Join the growing group looking to build a pool. This will allow us to begin discussing potential pool options with you. There’s no cost, nor an obligation to join a pool.

Who decides who's in a pool?

You decide. You can pool with individuals within your network or you can use Pando’s platform to help you find potential matches outside of your network. Either way, you decide which pool you want to be a part of, and if already existing, the current Pool members would need to vote you in.

What if I don't know anyone in my personal network to pool with?

Pando has a network of individuals on our platform that are looking to pool outside of their network. To start making introductions to potential pool mates, join the platform.

What qualifies as eligible income?

Only earnings from one’s primary trade or business activity(ies) qualifies as eligible income for the purpose of pooling. So, earnings from a side business (a business you devote minimal time or effort to), investments (separate from primary trade or business) or inheritance, for example, aren’t considered when determining what you need to contribute to the pool. Among other exclusions, spousal income and divorce settlements have no effect on what you owe.

How much money goes into the pool each year?

Each pool has an annual or cumulative hurdle and a contribution percentage. All eligible income below that hurdle is not subject to the contribution percentage, and you only contribute a percentage of all income above the hurdle.

What is Pando's fee?

Pando takes a portion of the pool which varies based on the selected set up fee. Under certain circumstances Pando may offer a prebate. The size of that prebate is based on the value of the pool you are joining. Please contact us for more pricing info.

What is an income hurdle?

An income hurdle, either annual or cumulative, is the point at which you begin contributing a portion of your eligible income into a pool. Everything below that number you keep.

What is a contribution percentage?

The percentage of eligible income you contribute above a hurdle.

What is a distribution?

A distribution is the sum of money you will receive annually from your pool. The distribution is based on your stake in the pool, and varies based on contributions that year.

What is the duration of a pool?

The duration of a pool is the number of years that your pool will exist, subject to extension in certain cases. Pools last anywhere between 10 years and a lifetime. With your pool goals in mind, we work with you to determine the right pool duration for you and your pool mates.

How large are the pools?

Our pools generally start at around 2-3 people and grow from there. There’s no perfect pool size so we help everyone find the best match for them.

How do I make a contribution?

Contributions will be made based on your previously agreed upon pool terms in the year after income is earned after tax returns have been filed.

When will I receive my distributions?

After subtracting Pando’s fee, Pando will allocate distributions to each pool member based on pool ownership.

How do you prevent people from slacking off? Won't people just shirk?

  • Eligibility for distributions is restricted in certain circumstances to disincentivize shirking.
  • In our view, one’s desire and hunger to achieve success is not diminished by one’s decision to join a pando since the amount contributed is a small percentage of one’s future earnings—generally no more than 10%.
  • Additionally, because you choose who’s in your pando, you’re choosing people who are passionate about what they do and are passionate about the good of the group.