Community Pools

Accelerate your career with a group of peers who will (literally) share in your success. 



These pools coalesce around a shared mission. They bring together the brightest minds in a specific industry or subject area and offer three key benefits. 


Your Poolmates provide you with the resources, knowledge, introductions and relevant experiences to help accelerate your success. Poolmates have introduced one another to investors and mentors, educated one another on their unique areas of expertise, and even started new ventures together. Pursuing your dream career can be a lonely path, but with a Pando pool, it doesn’t have to be.


Pools hold monthly meetings — but attendance is not required for Pool membership. Your time commitment is entirely up to you, and because the group is financially aligned through income pooling, they will always be in your corner when you need them.


Pursuing your dreams generally requires picking one path and going all in. But with your Pando pool, you have a small piece of  many big bets, greatly increasing your odds of multiple wins.

These pools are structured to be financially low commitment, with terms geared to capture extreme upside events.


In other words, you contribute to the Pool only when you have a life-changing financial event… and when you do, you get to share a small piece of it with the people that helped you get there.



Step 1

Typically, pools are started by 2-3 founding members (“pool leaders”) who are visionaries in their fields.

Step 2

From there, Pando will work with pool leaders to understand the mission of the pool and the profile of members that would be a good fit. Pando will then build out a list of candidates for the leaders to consider (and leaders are always invited to add their own contacts to the mix). 

Pool leaders will vet the potential candidate list and respond with the candidates they would like to move forward in the process. Pando will then reach out to these candidates with information about the pool, its mission and its leaders. In some cases, the leaders and candidates then schedule time to meet. In others, the aligned missions and profiles are clear and all parties are ready to move straight to the next step. 

Step 3

Step 4

After confirming mutual interest, approved candidates will be sent a contract to review. Each candidate will have the opportunity to speak with a Pando advisor to review the contract and answer any further questions. 

Step 5

Once contracts are signed, new members are officially welcomed into the pool and invited to start attending pool meetings. And a Pando advisor will continue to work with the pool to recruit additional members, collect feedback and help however we can. We’re here for you, because the better you do, the better we all do.

Pando. Building a future where we're better together.

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