Create your dream team and form a pool of high-potential peers. Pando enables you to share in each other’s upside. 




Choose a group of individuals to pool a portion of your collective future earnings alongside. 

You set a contribution threshold. Once the threshold is passed, contributions to the pool commence.


Once your pool has begun contributions, distributions will promptly follow.


Broaden your upside

Choosing a career out of b-school is a tough decision, but Pando gives you more “bites of the apple.” By pooling your future income with high potential business school peers, you can have a taste of a career you didn’t pursue, or double down on exposure in your own industry. It’s up to you!

Mitigate your downside

B-School is expensive and leaves many of us with constraining debt. For some, joining a pool allows you to take a chance while lowering risk. For others, it’s a way to add some potential upside to a more stable career. 

Expand your team

Everyone knows business school is all about relationships and networking, but life gets in the way after graduation. Joining a pool fosters connection and commitment to a group of existing or newfound friends: other high-achieving individuals who have a very real incentive to help you succeed. 


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