Our Ethos

The world is a better place when people come together to protect and empower each other.

Pando supports these communities and helps build new ones.


/ˈpando/, [ˈpãn̪d̪o]


An individual aspen tree is vulnerable. It can succumb to wildfire, gusting wind or encroaching conifers. However, when aspens grow next to each other, their roots intertwine. They support each other and as a group are nearly indestructible. This group is called a Pando. And collectively, a Pando is one of the oldest and strongest organisms on earth.



Charlie Olson

Co-Founder and CEO

Maddy Tillotson

Business Strategy and Special Projects Manager

Victoria Molina

Client Success Manager

Annie Yetman

Executive Assistant

Zander Stroud

Data Scientist

Simon Benavides Pineda

Baseball Sales Associate

Eric Lax

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

Evan Frederickson

Head of Baseball

Claire Priestley

Marketing Manager

Tyler Kingsley

Chief of Staff

Tommy Heidt

Account Executive

Gregg Schoenberg


Michelle Honchariw

Head of Growth

Sarmed Rashid

Strategy and Growth

George Iwaoka

Finance Manager

CJ Babb

Sales Operations Manager

Derek Eitel

VP of Baseball

Steve Grossman

Legal Advisor



Pando is looking for exceptional people to join us as we improve career outcomes for everyone. We are rooted in the collective power of community and believe everyone should have access to a brighter future. We celebrate self-starting, determined individuals who are passionate about disrupting the status quo. If that sounds like you, we’d love to have a conversation.

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